Monday, June 22, 2009

Interesting science facts - Why are science facts so fascinating?

Why are interesting science facts so amazing to so many people? Is it because of our noisy nature that drive us to learn more and more about the world around us, or we want to learn some interesting science facts so we could look smart in eyes of other people? Well what ever the reason is term "interesting science facts" is pretty popular on Google, currently with more than 10 million results.

There are some people that still fail to see importance of science in everydays life but science is really anywhere around us. Our civilization would be completely different if there was no progress in science, and middle age would really last for eternity. Science is driving force behind our civilization, and world needs science to continue its quest for knowledge. Knowledge is base of our progress, and thing that separates us from all other creatures on our planet.

We are blessed with superior brain, and we should use it, and explore boundaries of our mind. It is possible that there is, somewhere in the space, some civilization far superior to us, but until we discover them (or they us) we remain the smartest creatures on our planet. More knowledge means more possibilities, and science can make almost anything possible, the more science goes forward the less impossibles we shall see.

Where is our limit? What is the difference between possible and impossible? Are we gonna in the end turn into gods, and discover the point where we know everything there is to know? Only science can turn us into gods but is it good to be god? Isn't it boring to know all, and be right all the time, where's the thrill in the whole God story?

Science would stop being interesting if we would to know everything? Imagine knowing every single fact, it may look nice in the beginning but after some while this could turn into a rather boring existence. Learning something new is very exciting thing to do because discovering more and more new facts feeds our natural hunger for knowledge. Science really represents the very best of our knowledge, expands our horizons, and moves us forward, towards new discoveries, towards the amazing world of wonders where almost everything is possible.