Sunday, October 18, 2009

Interesting science facts about teleportation

Teleportation is basically a transfer of certain matter from one point (location) to another that would in most cases have to occur instantly.

Teleportation is very common in sci-fi literature and movies, and up to today there are no evidences that teleportation is actually possible.

The term teleportation is more than 70 years old. It was coined in 1931 by American writer Charles Fort in order to describe the strange disappearances and appearances of anomalies, which he suggested may be connected. Today this term is mostly used in sci-fi movies that have theme in exploring space.

Many scientists agree that teleportation is impossible to achieve since we would have to travel faster than light in order to be transferred instantaneously from one location to another.

The additional problem with teleportation would be how to record human body at another location with perfect accuracy because basically we are talking about destroying human at one location to recreate him/her at other location.

Teleportation is also sometimes used to describe the travel into new dimensions (parallel universes). Most theories about parallel universe believe that physical travel is not possible between different dimensions.

If teleportation would be possible this would significantly decrease the value of time and space during the travel since we could be instantly transferred to our desired location.

Currently, the only possible teleportation is Quantum teleportation. Quantum teleportation is technique used to transfer information on a quantum level that does not include transport energy or matter nor faster than light speed. It can only transmit the information present in a quantum superposition, useful for quantum communication and computation.

Quantum-computing technology that uses quantum teleportation is currently being used to encrypt data, but its potential is much bigger, for instance its massive information-storage capacity.

The pilot episode of Star Trek from 1965 was among else famous because members of the crew used transporter for teleportation from their starship to teleport to planet.