Monday, August 6, 2012

The start of the new era of Mars exploration

The planet Mars, also called Red Planet, is still a subject of many controversial questions, with the most important question being whether the life ever existed on Mars or not. The NASA scientists hope that their brand new and most advanced rover Curiosity that has just landed on Red Planet will give them plenty of new info about the history of Mars.

Curiosity is the most complex rover ever sent into space, and after a very sophisticated landing it is already collecting valuable data, that will perhaps give the answer on not only was Mars once planet that supported life but also on whether Mars can sustain life in years to come.

The president Obama has already spoken about sending humans to Mars in 2030s, and this mission could tell us whether this president's bold vision has a chance to turn into the reality or not.

Curiosity will collect data for the next two years, hoping to find some kind of  microbial proof that would connect Mars with the possibility of life and future colonization by humans.

Curiosity will not only send thousands of images but is also equipped with 10 highly sophisticated science instrument such as high-tech lasers that are able to check the composition of rocks on Mars from a distance.

Robotic arms will be used to take soil samples and these samples will be then analyzed by analytical instruments located inside the rover.

There have already been some indicators suggesting that Mars used to have water on its surface. Will Curiosity finally provide us with enough proof about the wet history of the Red Planet? This, and many other questions, are still waiting to be answered.


Anonymous,  October 26, 2012 at 11:58 AM  

I want to go to Mars with my mother if the opportunity ever arrives. I think Mars having microbial life is a very huge possibility. If there is evidence of it I would like it to stay where it is and pregress the way it is supposed to. :3