Monday, April 18, 2011

Interesting facts about spintronics

The spintronics, sometimes also referred to as the magnetoelectronics, is basically a group of emerging technologies that exploit the intrinsic spin of the electron in solid state devices.

There are billions of different spintronics devices, and the most famous are sensors. For instance, every hard disk drive has a magnetic sensor that uses a flow of spins.

Spintronics is closely connected to microelectronics. This is because the key feature of spintronics is to connect the electron spin to electric current as current can be manipulated by means routinely used in microelectronics.

Spintronics should play extremely important role in years to come. Many scientists expect significant advancements in future spintronics devices as it is expected that it will be possible to create direct connection between the current and spin, without the need for magnets to inject spins as it is currently done by today's technologies.

Many scientists expect that graphene will play a key role in developing future spintronics devices. Graphene is a leading candidate to replace silicon in future electronic devices.

The main goal of spintronics is to of achieve the conversion of electricity into magnetism and vice versa.

Term "spintronic devices" refers to all electronic devices that are making use of electron spin.

Spintronic devices have excellent potential to become smaller, more versatile, and much faster than today's electronics based on silicon.

The future spintronic computer processors will require little power compared to today's computer processors.

The main advantage that spintronic devices have over today's electronic devices is the fact that unlike electronic devices they do not only use charge of the electrons but also their spin, which is way they are significantly more efficient.


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