Friday, May 8, 2009

How smart are babies?

It happens a lot of time that babies really surprise you with how smart they really are. Many people think that this is exaggerated belief but now we have scientific confirmation that babies are really smart. According to a new study from Northwestern University babies are a lot smarter than many people think they are.

Scientist did this study on babies not older than five months, and though only beginning with their lives they could already differentiate water in a glass from solid blue material that looked almost like water in a similar glass. It is really amazing discovery that babies can distinguish between solids and liquids. This study showed how babies do not entirely depend on others for acquiring knowledge but can do few things on their own.

Babies are more aware of the world that surround them then we give them credit for. Once baby sees certain change in the world wants to know what exactly is going on and looks longer to this change because of the need to understand it. The researchers concluded that this study "provided the earliest evidence that infants have expectations about the physical properties of liquids".

This research also showed how babies are active learners from the very beginning and tend to understand the world as much as they can so they can adjust to the life. After all, aren't we all constantly adjusting to life, and not just babies?