Monday, August 27, 2012

What is the purpose of our existence on this planet?

The purpose of our existence on this planet is still a mystery, something that we frequently contemplate about but aren't able to come up with the adequate answer. Some would say the best thing is not to think about it because why bother your brain with something that can't be answered, at least not yet, that is.

We mustn't forget that our planet Earth is only a miniscule part of the gigantic Universe, and therefore the answers to this and similar questions probably lie hidden somewhere out there, in the vastness of the mysterious Universe.

The science and technology are constantly growing and we have already been witnesses to some really stunning discoveries and scientific breakthroughs that give us hope that some day we will be able to learn the truth about our existence on this planet.

Some would say God is behind everything, others would say aliens, some believe that there is nothing more but a theory of evolution, and some would even say that our existence is purely a coincidence. In any case, we are all thinking about it from time to time, trying to understand something that is still beyond our intellect.

Until we learn the proper answer(s) to this question we should be really making the best of our current knowledge and make sure to justify our existence on this wonderful planet, if not for anything else than because we have been blessed with the advanced brain and intelligence, something no other creature on this planet has.

This gives us the important role of guardians of this planet, a role which we fail to fulfill in most cases because of our greed and hunger for money and power.

The future purpose of our existence could prove to be something completely different but for now we have to do our best to ensure the best possible care for our planet if not for anything else than because Earth is still our only home and we have no where else to go.

In ideal scenario our intelligence should be used for purely good things but sadly history full of wars has taught us something completely different. The future wars, given the technological level of weaponry available on this planet, could potentially destroy all life on planet, not giving humanity a chance to learn who really was or is responsible for putting us on this wonderful planet.


Anonymous,  January 1, 2013 at 12:36 PM  

It was def God