Monday, May 7, 2012

The theories about universe expanding

The modern science says that universe is expanding which means that there are no edges somewhere where universe would end. The entire concept of infinite universe is not that easy to imagine because one could always ask himself if there's no actual border then how could universe really expand itself and why is this happening.

No, the universe isn't expanding in a futile attempt to run away from Chuck Norris though this is also a very interesting concept . What we need to know about the expanding universe concept is that it primarily refers to expansion into space with no structures such as extra dimensions or an exterior universe

The modern theory about expanding universe originates from astronomer Edwin Hubble. After countless measuring of relative distances between stars and other space bodies he found the explanation of expanding universe as the only logical answer to accept.

To accept the fact that universe is constantly expanding means also accepting the fact that universe used to be smaller. This means that after the Big Bang universe started the process of constant expansion with no end in sight.

 This also means that our universe isn't in static state but is instead in the state of constant change – constant expansion of our universe.

The expansion of universe is also connected with its density. The matter in universe doesn't have the necessary density that would somehow slow down the expansion of universe which helps explain its constant expansion and the fact that expansion speed decreases more slowly with time.

Some scientists believe that our universe is finite. The finite universe doesn't necessarily imply edges, it rather implies that the space wraps around on itself. Eventually, under the finite theory the universe would likely recollapse on itself, possibly resulting in yet another big bang and the birth of brand new universe.

The universe expansion issue is still connected with plenty of hypothetical assumptions. Everybody with a basic knowledge about universe can theorize about it. The theory is all we have at this moment because mankind is yet to assemble „the starship Enterprise“ in search for answers at the final frontier.