Monday, September 19, 2011

Is eternal life the best possible scientific discovery?

What would you like the most in terms of new scientific discoveries? To many people eternal life seems like the most logical and most obvious thing when letting our scientific imagination flow. Eternity of life is really a form of the highest possible divinity, a thing that separates chosen immortals from all others, in many cases a godlike form.

The scientists believe that the answer for eternal life lies in our genetic structure, and speaking very plainly all that needs to be done is to find gene that is responsible for aging process and "freeze" it so it wouldn't make us older.

Of course this is only one part of the solution, the other part is to make our body free of diseases because not all people die old, and millions of people die at very early age from a variety of different diseases.

With the eternal life there would also have to be a strict population control because if none would die and people would continue to be born at today's pace earth would soon run out of space to support all those people, and people would soon have to think about colonizing other planets; though the way things are currently going, in few centuries time people will be really forced to look for other habitable planets, even without the discovery of eternal life.

Is eternal life predominantly a good thing? The most of us would say yes to this question even though this raises a fair share of different moral issues. With eternal life procreation would no longer be so important, and life itself would be looked at completely different perspective than it is today, especially since its antithesis death wouldn't exist.

What do you think about eternal life? Would such discovery create more good than bad or would it be an other way around and why? Do people really deserve to live forever or not?


Anonymous,  November 24, 2011 at 1:17 PM  

eternal life is to be the final creation bestowed upon the ones he has judged and glorified . Therefore it is for all creation to transmute their final resting placement pending his judgement accordingly in
His time

Anonymous,  January 21, 2012 at 10:00 PM  

in honesty, no i don't believe it is something positive. many people are afraid of death( of ceasing to exist) and would prefer to never have face it, that is why eternal life holds such appeal to them. but thinking in a biological way, death is a huge part in the natural processes of earth. suspending it would have dire consequences for all living things. also, wouldn't concepts like life, time, and productivity be valued less because of this? just my thoughts on the matter,i could be wrong.