Monday, June 6, 2011

Astronomy is still a "could be" science

We like to think of ourselves as the species with advanced technologies but just think about our limited knowledge about the universe and our technological limitations are instantly exposed. Astronomy, despite delivering some useful theories is still very much a "could be" science, after all very few things are certainty for astronomers and most of the time you will hear how there "could be another life in the universe", how there "could be planets like ours", how there "could be species with far superior technology somewhere in the space", etc.

This "could be thing" is the direct result of our technological limitations and that's not something we should be ashamed of. After all, science is in the constant state of progress, and human knowledge as well as the technology keeps its natural process of upgrade.

This process cannot be accelerated just because of our desires, in this case the only "possible" way to speed things up would be if some technologically superior alien race would decide to share with us a few of their technological secrets, and this scenario certainly looks to be in the realm of imagination like coming up from some B-rated Sci-Fi movies.

Astronomy is well aware of its technological limitations and this is the reason why astronomers use "could be" so much. With such limited technology theories are all they really have so you can't blame astronomers for lacking the so much desired certainty.

Our Universe is limitless from our very own perspective and astronomers have incredible amount of questions that are still waiting for the right answers. The questions that have been answered so far weren't useless, on the contrary they have enabled the man to walk on the moon, the exploration of other planets in our solar systems as well as many other very useful things.

With time astronomy will be able to give more exact answers to questions that are currently belonging to could be category but given the magnitude of our Universe there will be always some questions in that category, regardless of our technological development.

After all, space is the mankind's final frontier...