Monday, May 2, 2011

Quick info about first massive stars

The astronomers believe that the first generations of massive stars were fast rotating stars, and that is the reason why these stars are sometimes referred to as the "spinstars".

The first generations of massive stars has died a long long time ago, mostly because of their fast and furious life (due to their extreme masses these massive stars have relatively short lifespans of 30 million years down to a few hundred thousand years). The traces of their former existence are chemical imprints that can still be found today in the oldest stars in our Galaxy.

In the beginning of the Universe the composition of stars was much simpler compared to the current state of Universe. Many scientists believe that the only chemical elements present in this period were hydrogen and helium. It took more than 300 million years before other chemical elements appeared, after the explosion of these first massive stars.

The fast rotation of stars does not only affect the lifespan of certain star, it also affects its color and luminosity.

These first massive stars have very likely played the crucial role in creating the appearance and properties of the first galaxies which were formed in the Universe.

In 2010 scientists discovered the most massive star to date. At its birth this enormous star had more than 300 times the mass of the Sun and is 10 million times more luminous.