Monday, December 13, 2010

Top 10 things science could discover in future

1. Discover an "elixir for eternal life". On the other hand, if this happens then procreation would lose its purpose, and Earth could be in real danger of overpopulation.

2. Find solution to control climate and weather on our planet. With this we could really say goodbye to climate change issue.

3. Find an artificial way to create food. This would of course mean no more hunger in the world, the replicator from Star Trek series comes to mind here.

4. Teleportation, as this is definitely one of the coolest things from Sci-Fi movies, on the other hand this would no doubt raise some ethical issues. But as said before, this is so cool.

5. Discover cure for all diseases. I know, this somewhat correlates with No.1 but logically speaking eternal life can be also connected with some disease, and I certainly don't want to be bothered with some disease for eternity.

6. Discover the purpose of our existence in Universe. Why, when, who, who else, and similar questions.

7. Connected with No.6, find the answer whether God really exists or not, whether there is just one God or many gods, or whether there are some creatures that have Godlike abilities.

8. Discover the way to completely utilize human brain, humans currently use less than 10% of their brain, and who knows perhaps the only difference between humans and Gods is in the percentage when it comes to using brain.

9. Time machine. It would be so cool to travel in the past, and meet your ancestors, and the more curious ones could also take a look to see what future has in store for them.

10. Last but certainly not the least, to discover the secret of Mona Lisa's devilish smile, that's been bugging me for quite some time now:)