Monday, November 15, 2010

Will science eventually turn people into Gods?

Since science is constantly improving and progressing, theoretically speaking science could even reach the level of turning people into almighty beings, something that we now associate with the term "God". God should be almighty being that creates and destroys life, creates new worlds, determines destiny of all creatures, and basically do whatever he/she pleases because he/she is almighty.

What if science really turns people into Gods in far far future? Think about it this way, if science comes up with the solution to make humans immortal wouldn't this be a first major step towards divinity of human race? In world without the death there we wouldn't feel the need to believe in supreme being because by defeating death we would become supreme beings.

If science eventually determines the origin of our universe and origin of life on our planet this would likely give science knowledge how to create new planets and new forms of life, which is another feature currently associated with God.

God could even be interpreted as the universe's top scientist that has somehow managed to learn all the available knowledge. I know that this may sound a bit silly and naive, but this is just one of many available theories we could be associating to God.

However, if people eventually become immortal this will likely lead to yet another controversy, namely what's the point of living if everyone's immortal? The current purpose of life is procreation, and procreation is something that is not on "top ten to do list" for immortal creatures.

Perhaps not knowing enough is much better option compared to being a God, after all doesn't discovering new things makes world more interesting and a better place? Knowing all would somehow spoil all the fun, just imagine world where there are no mistakes, no wrong choices, and each and every single person knows everything there is to know, doesn't this seem extremely dull?

What's your view on this?