Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Is sleep function really so important?

Despite the fact that many people think how the main function of sleep is to rest your body science still hasn't given the adequate answer of what's the most important function of the sleep. Why? Because science still do not fully understand the function of sleep, though all scientists will agree that this is very important function because not only humans but also all animals sleep.

Sleep is such a common thing that we do every night but to science sleep is one of the most complex questions because science still doesn't now the primary function of sleep, despite many past and ongoing researches.

When it comes to searching for a core purpose of the sleep some scientists believe that sleep is all about the rest, and putting your body into quiet state, and that there are no other important functions that sleep has on our bodies.

Still, majority of scientists is convinced that sleep must have some other important functions too besides the resting your body. Sleep deprivation has many negative effects, not only on human population but also on animals. Experiments with prolonged sleep deprivation has been shown to kill rats, flies and cockroaches, and humans who have a genetic insomnia can also die so there has to be more than rest.

Another interesting hypothesis is that be important for accumulating new memories, and to allow the brain to forget the unimportant impressions of the previous day, so there is more free room for more learning the next day.

But why do the animals sleep then? Do they also need to erase previous memories and learn new knowledge with each new day?