Friday, April 23, 2010

Is brain training really so useful?

Brain training by different brain training games has recently become very popular, and there are many people theta believe this sort of training will increase the overall power of your brain. Yet, the latest BBC study doesn't quite agree with this thesis and it claims that brain training games in fact do not improve overall brain power.

This sort of brain training helps you to master these brain training games but it will not give any significant boost to your brain power as the study found out that players gained nothing in terms of general reasoning, memory, planning or visuospatial abilities.

The conclusion based on researching 11,430 participants over six weeks was that there were no significant differences between the improvements seen in participants who played our brain training games, and those who just went on the internet for the same length of time.

Some scientists therefore suggest that it will do more good to your brain if you take a walk instead spending countless hours in front of your PC solving these games.

Brain training therefore does not improve people's cognitive ability like some think it does. It may be funny to some, or it may seem like a time well spent but this want boost your brain power.

At the end I will also point out that brain training games do not claim to be scientifically proven to improve cognitive function but what they can actually do is give you a pretty good indication about your intelligence.