Friday, January 15, 2010

What makes our brain efficient?

Human brain is most evolved on our planet but have you ever wondered what exactly makes our brain so efficient and so reliable? Well, the scientists at the Yale believe that thing that is making our brain efficient is some sort of "neuronal thermostat" that regulates activity in the visual cortex, which enables processing of the sensory information.

Brain can save energy by the help of inhibitory neurons that suppress non-essential visual stimuli, and concentrate only on key information therefore making brain as effective as possible. This phenomenon is known in science as the "iceberg phenomenon", you only see the tip of iceberg flowing in the water but yet we know that there is much larger portion of iceberg underwater in area where we cannot see.

Our body needs significant amount of energy, and brain needs the most of our body's energy so until this research scientists wondered how it can operate both efficiently and reliably when processing a huge variety of sensory information. The answer is "neuronal thermostat", and separating the most important from less important.

Our brain saves energy by concentrating only on key information.