Monday, October 5, 2009

The meaning of science - What does science mean to all of us?

What makes science so special and what is the real meaning of science? Is science nothing more than the reflection of our ever-searching spirit that constantly looks to explore and learn or do we have to accept science as one of the greatest gifts given to us by God or some heavily advanced alien race? You can think of science in many different ways but you can be always be sure of one thing, namely that science is the driving force of humanity, something that pushed our forward throughout our existence. To cavemen, a simple fire was the ultimate science, to us the science are spaceships and artificial life, and who knows what will be the ultimate science for future generations.

Like everything else on this world, science is also dependent on time, and many of us expect of science to perform straight away miracles. This is not how the stuff work with science, because science is something that is constantly improving meaning it takes time to make things work. We very rarely speak of time factor when talking about science and expect miracles from scientists failing to realize that scientists are not Gods, they are only humans like us, and is really wrong to give science out of this world attributes. Some of them are real geniuses but even genius cannot make miracles without enough time and practice.

What we should know about scientists is that most of them are putting great effort each day of their lives in search for answers that would make our life more easier. There are so many different scientific disciplines with so many dedicated scientists who are constantly working in order to achieve breakthrough discoveries. And many of us are still giving them little credit for what they do forgetting what the have done to all of us over the years.

We take too much things for granted and the same goes for science. We expect science to perform miracles, and yet fail to give the miracle-workers respect they deserve. Though on the other hand, every real scientist will be much more pleased with what he has done than to receive praises from society. Praises and compliments are really just an additional reward.

Science is really an amazing area that stretches and pushes limit of our mind to still unexplored areas, once we explore these areas we are likely to find some new revolutionary discoveries that will further enrich our civilization and lead us to future full of wonders. Technological wonders of course, though who knows in some period in future it would be perhaps possible to turn water into wine, or to raise dead. Even without Jesus.