Monday, October 26, 2009

Climate change - Why don't we listen to science?

In the last couple of years scientists from all around the globe have made different models and projections about the climate change, and how the weather will be like in years to come. Most of these climate models predict horrific scenarios that include drought, floods, hurricanes, hunger and new diseases unless world starts doing something to fight climate change. According to scientists our greenhouse gas emissions (mostly the result of fossil fuels combustion) are way too big, which has increases greenhouse effect on our planet and therefore increased average temperature of our planet (known under the name of global warming). The only thing that at this point sounds like the logical solution to climate change problem is massively reducing CO2 emissions, and the best way to do so is to use less fossil fuels. Can this be done?

It could be done but the price for doing so would be huge for many people across the globe. This would not only mean that many people in fossil fuels industries would lose their jobs but would also mean that world would be desperately short of energy, and global energy demand couldn't be satisfied. World's energy demand keeps on growing and since our current way of life requires enough of energy this solution really isn't acceptable at all because fossil fuels supply majority of world's energy demand. Coal, oil, natural gas are still dominant energy sources in many parts of the world, and without them we wouldn't be able to satisfy our ever-growing energy demand.

Many would say let us turn to renewable energy sector like wind energy and solar energy. Currently this is only a theoretical solution to stop climate change because renewable energy sector is too weak to provide enough energy, and many energy experts agree that it will take at least this century before we see renewables become dominant energy source. There are two major reasons why renewables are still far behind fossil fuels: first, they are still at the very early development phase, and we mustn't also forget extremely powerful fossil fuels lobbies that are doing everything they can to prevent renewables from moving full speed ahead.

Let's get back to science. According to science we must act immediately if we want to have any decent chance to fight against climate change. World leaders still do not look quite ready to fight climate change at any cost because that would hurt their industries. It's really sad that we still fail to see the big picture, namely our planet, as we are still mostly dealing with our petty interests. Political and industrial interests look to be beyond anything else, and as long this remains the ultimate guide of our civilization things won't change.

What do we have science if we do not listen to what scientists have to say? Why do not accept their opinion, and realize that the health of our planet should be the biggest concern of all people across the globe. Earth is still only place where we can live, and we should do everything that is in our power not to destroy it. Science is showing us the right path but politics and industry want to make us blind by convincing us we have all the time of the world to deal with climate change. I wonder how we'll able to look at the eyes of our children and grandchildren in 50 years time, and tell them: "Oups we did this"?