Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dinosaurs with four wings used to live in China

While there is almost an consent between scientists about transition from dinosaurs to birds, the actual process of transition still very much remains an enigma, and subject of different theories. This is mostly because of the lack of fossilized remains because majority of scientists agree that bird-like dinosaurs have appeared too late in the fossil record to be considered as the true ancestors of birds.

Perhaps fossilized remains of dinosaur with four wings that have recently been found in China could put some light on the mystery of transition process. In the Chinese province Liaoning exceptionally well-preserved fossil of Anchiornis huxleyi that dates to the earliest Late Jurassic has been found, and this are the oldest bird like dinosaur fossilized remains ever to be found.

The description of this bird like dinosaur includes long feathers that cover not only the arms and tail but also the feet which gives scientists clues that a four-winged stage was perhaps a very important step in the transition from dinosaurs to birds. It also disputes disputes the argument that bird-like dinosaurs appeared too late to be the ancestors of birds. Dinosaur with four wings sure sounds amazing and it definitely looks amazing as this picture suggests it.

Bird like dinosaur with four wings that used to live in area of today's China.