Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Interesting science facts - Heart

The average human heart makes 72 beats per minute.

Heart is muscular organ who's primary function is to pump blood through the blood vessels.

In one average lifetime heart beats more than 2,5 billion times.

Human heart's weight is usually between 250 g to 300 g in females and 300 g to 350 g in males.

The heart is one of the most important human organs because it carries the vital function of pumping blood. Without this function blood wouldn't be able to feed body's biological functions because it wouldn't circulated throughout whole body.

High blood pressure and high cholesterol can increase the risk of developing heart disease.

There is connection between cholesterol and heart attack though not as big as some people think because more than 50 % of all heart attack cases happened to people with normal cholesterol.

The first open heart surgery was performed by Dr. Daniel Hall Williams in 1893.

In one average human lifetime heart pumps somewhere about one million barrels of blood.

First successful heart transplantation happened in 1967 in Cape Town, South Africa.

Statistics has calculated that most heart attacks occur between the hours of 8 and 9 AM.

In average women hearts beat slightly faster than men hearts.

Heart diseases are leading cause of death in United States and are killing one person every 34 seconds, with more than 450,000 thousands American dying each year of coronary heart disease.

Average body has about 5.6 liters, heart makes this 5.6 liters of blood circulate through the body three times every minute. In one day, the blood travels a total of astonishing 19,000 km (12,000 miles).

When you are resting heart is still working hard, in fact the muscles of the heart work twice as hard as the leg muscles of a person sprinting. There is really no rest for heart as rest usually means death.

The electrocardiograph (ECG) was invented in 1902 by Dutch physiologist Willem Einthoven. It measures electrical activity of person's heart (evaluation of heart's rate and rhythm).

Today are many heart specialists but first heart specialists emerged only after World War I.

Heart is actually not located on person left chest. Heart is actually located in the center of your chest between your lungs. The bottom of the heart is leaned to the left, so person feels more of his heart on his left side of chest.

Heart is international symbol for love and affection.

Heart failure describes the inability of the heart to fill with or pump a sufficient amount of blood throughout the body.