Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Energy drinks - Good or bad for you?

Energy drinks are becoming more and more popular worldwide, for instance 1.5 billion cans of Red Bull were sold in the United States in 2004. This is because many young people, especially students consume these energy drinks in order to increase their concentration during long study through the night. But are these popular energy drinks good or bad for you?

These energy drinks are made up of caffeine and sugar, and according to scientists they have negative impact on human body because they don't hydrate the body efficiently simply because they have too much sugar in it. And caffeine on the other hand doesn't always improve physical performance, especially in large quantities when it can even significantly increase the risks of fatigue and dehydration.

Consumption of Vodka Red Bull could lead to all sorts of trouble since it gives you the feeling you're not drunk though you very much are drunk.

And not only these as several different studies showed how strong doses of caffeine can increase hypertension, cause heart palpitations, provoke irritability and anxiety as well as cause headaches and insomnia. So it is definitely not wise to consume more than two cans a day.

However many young people consume lot more than two cans a day, and what is even worse almost 50 % of young people in US between 18-24 have admitted that they consume these energy drinks mixed with alcohol, and especially popular are Vodkas Red Bull. Consumption of Vodkas Red Bull is dangerous because it cancels the warning signs that the person is actually drunk. In many cases when someone consumes too much alcohol, their head spins and they feel tired but energy drinks cancel this effect so person thinks it is sober but in fact it is very much drunk. This can of course lead to all sorts of troubles.